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Companies participate in exhibitions:

  • to promote their business in the industry marketplace;
  • to present a new product to the world;
  • to find new prospects for their business.

Choose the exhibition which you would like to take part in, order a design project and construction of an exhibition stand, and…

  • meet new potential customers;
  • research trends in the industry and keep abreast of market trends;
  • promote the image of the company in a modern way;
  • study the expectations and needs of customers;
  • communicate your offer to your target audience;
  • be inspired by thematic presentations.

The price of an exhibition stand depends on its size, complexity of design, materials and the number of design elements. 

The more non-standard details are used in the design of the stand, the higher its price is. For example, the price of a stand significantly increases if it has the second floor, for which additional reinforcing elements are used.

The cost of the contract includes:

  • Development of the design-project and technical documentation of the stand (if necessary);
  • Customized design of a stand;
  • Production;
  • Transportation of stand elements and furniture;
  • Set-up and dismantling of the stand in the exhibition centre;
  • Rental of elements of the stand, furniture and equipment.

Our designers need up to 5 working days to work out a design project of a stand with an area less than 50 square meters, 5 to 8 working days for design projects of a stand with a larger area. The time required to complete a design project can be reduced if you send us a detailed specification. For individual design projects this time frame can be different.

We have built most of our exhibition stands according to design projects of our designers. 

But in our portfolio we also have stands built according to customer projects. They are built according to the designs that our clients have ordered from design agencies that are not engaged in construction, or that were prepared by the client’s advertising department. We can build a booth according to your design project, too – let’s discuss!

After approving the project, our manager will contact you to discuss and confirm different elements of the stand, including furniture. We can complete the stand with our own furniture or rent it for you in special stores. Via Viber, WhatsApp or Telegram we will send you photos of each piece of furniture suitable for your project. You will only have to choose.

You can order from us any equipment necessary for comfortable and successful participation in the exhibition. We can rent from our own stocks or rent for you from other organizations and stores.

They are the following:

  • plasma and liquid-crystal panels;
  • video walls;
  • professional lighting equipment;
  • refrigerator, 
  • sink, 
  • stove, 
  • cooler, 
  • coffee-machine;
  • other equipment.

Booth parts, furniture and all equipment belong to us and are leased to your company for the duration of the show. However, we do not reuse some elements – after the show we dispose of them or give them back to the customers. Examples of such elements are prints on banners, nets or cloth, PVC panels with logos or photos, volume letters.

 The main condition is to get them out of the pavilion on the closing day of the exhibition.


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