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We follow the project from the concept to the installation to ensure our clients get the best possible turnkey service. We can offer:

  • Own design studio
  • Own production
  • Own transport
  • Warehouses in Belarus and Italy
  • Accreditation at all exhibition venues in Belarus, Russia, Europe


We can either produce our own design following the clients’ expectations on style, concept and budget or manufacture a stand based on the customers’ project.  All necessary changes are introduced during the development stage until we get the client’s complete approval.


Our team of design engineers make stand detailed drawings with technical description, choosing necessary materials and colors.


Our own production shops are complete with all necessary equipment. Own manufacture helps reduce stand conversion cost and enhance the quality. We are able to work with any materials to meet the clients’ expectations.

Our production shop consists of the following areas:


-          beam saw department. Here we make stand parts from chip board or MDF with pinpoint accuracy,

-          section with a computerized numerical control machine that enables to cut logos, shapes and figures from plywood. Also, wood edge and curve wood edge jointing machines are available at our production shop,

-          plastering and paint department to make the components smooth and close to the ideal. All joints and uneven surfaces are polished and then parts are painted with a spray,

-          welding division with TIG and MMA welding types enables to manufacture metal frames and hanging structures,

-          assembling area where all separate elements are put together into one stand.


Quality control and installation


Every detail is unique at our production shop and is custom-tailored. It is manufactured under strict control of the product manager and later, at the exhibition venue the stand assembly is monitored by the installation supervisor.



We own 2 large storage facilities – one in Minsk vicinity (585 sq m), the other in Bologna (2200 sq m) with a stock of furniture, stand parts, flooring, domestic appliances, etc. Our own vehicles enable fast and value for money logistics between the exhibition venues.


We build stands in 25 locations for 70 national and international trade fairs every year worldwide. If needed, we can do all the necessary paperwork – prepare contracts and documents for the exhibition organizer, order electricity, suspension points, catering, flower decoration, souvenirs, etc. so that all the exhibition process goes smooth and spot on. 



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