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Construction drawings of exhibition stands

23 Международная выставка туристических услуг, 2019

When developing an exhibition stand, we take into account the wishes of our customers. Well-coordinated and professional work of our employees allows us to successfully develop and implement stands of various complexity. 

One of the important tasks in the design process is the development of reliable structures and elements of the stand, preparation of drawings, calculations and development of technical charts for installers, which simplifies the work during the construction of the stand in a very short time.

The main stages of booth development for an exhibition are:

  1. Creation and approval of the project;
  2. Transfer of drawings and schematics into production;
  3. Production and assembly of elements;
  4. Delivery and installation of structure at the exhibition area.

We organize our work the way to guarantee success of each project.

Do you need to present new products?

We will provide a bright decoration of the exhibition stand, including the use of modern multimedia technologies.

Are you planning to expand your audience of clients and partners? We will help you to stand out among competitors and reach out to the target audience.

Our company develops exhibition stands of any level of complexity, including exclusive designs with atypical design solutions.

Our basic principle is a combination of environmental friendliness and functionality.

Why us?

How do we work?

To order the design and construction of an exhibition stand is very simple. This procedure consists of several steps:

For us, creation of projects and construction of exhibition stands always goes with  the motto  «Hit the bullseye!».


222304, Belarus,  Molodechno,  Elevatornaya street, 5G


+375 (176) 53-11-01

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