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Assembly and dismantling of exhibition stands

Stages of installation of exhibition stands:

1. Preparation.

Marking the area for future zones and bearing structures of the stand, as well as laying electrical cables with outlets for sockets, lamps and switches; laying pipes for sewage and compressed air (if approved).

2. Laying of the flooring.

3. Installation of suspended structures.

As early as at the design project stage the issue of the necessity of suspension and placement of information on it shall be decided.

The design of future stands is approved by the engineering and technical service of the exhibition center. Points of future hangings are fixed and agreed upon. At the same time, the exact time when they should be prepared by specialists of the exhibition center is determined. Suspensions are mounted by climbers to the ceiling beams of the pavilion with the help of winches and ropes, to which all suspended structures required by the project are then attached.

4. Next steps are erection of walls and installation of the ceiling.

5. Then it is electrical mounting work and laying the utilities.

This stage is used for installing all electrical equipment for the stand, from spotlights and exhibition lighting to professional lighting equipment.

6. Design works fulfillment. 

Surfaces of the stand are decorated in accordance with the design project, using self-adhesive plastics and films, vinyl banners, volumetric illuminated letters and decorated with compositions of fresh flowers.

7. Equipping the stand with furniture and equipment.

At this stage, the company’s fitters assemble and install the furniture, connect and set up the multimedia equipment, audio, video and household appliances (refrigerators, coolers, coffee machines, etc.)

8. Cleaning of the stand and handing it over to the customer.

After the set-up period, stands are cleaned up and handed over to the customer under a delivery-acceptance certificate.

The installation of exhibition stands is carried out by the company’s experienced build-up specialists, the number of technicians involved in the installation directly depends on the complexity of the project.

Construction of  exhibition booths

Construction of expostands is an effective way to expand the customer base and find new partners, broadcasting the company’s image and level.

We are ready to provide you with turnkey construction of an exhibition stand and glad to offer bright and original stand designs and our assistance in processing of documents for participation in exhibitions abroad, mounting, dismantling and full support to the end of the event.

Stand construction: effective solutions

What is important considering while choosing a builder or holding a tender?

We work taking into account the individual wishes of the customer, providing the manufacture, assembly or construction of unique compositions of different parameters. These can be complex banner compositions or constructions for building from wood, metal and other materials.

The process of working on an order:

  1. You leave an order and we contact you to clarify the details.
  2. We conclude a contract on execution of a list of services (stand construction, assembling, rigging, etc.).
  3. We negotiate the price and terms.
  4. After receipt of the payment, we proceed to production of the exhibition stand.
  5. We carry out all other work stipulated in the contract.

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